Water Conditioning


For high quality, sustainable production...

Water treatment is the treatment of water with appropriate chemicals in order to enable trouble-free, high quality, cost-effective production in the processes where water is used.

The purpose of water treatment is to prevent problems such as corrosion, scale, deposit and microbiological formation in the system. In this way, the continuity and quality of the production process is assured.

Water Treatment Chemicals

  • Corrosion inhibitor chemicals
  • Biocides
  • Scale & anti-deposit chemicals
  • Boiler chemicals
  • Preliminary water treatment chemicals
  • Waste water treatment chemicals
  • Feed water containing high silica
  • Feed water containing high carbonate and sulphate
  • Feed water containing high iron
  • Products containing / not containing phosphate
  • Products with wide spectrum
  • Products with FDA & NSF certified
  • Alkali washing chemical
  • Acidic washing chemical
  • Biological washing chemical
  • Anionic polyelectrolytes
  • Cationic polyelectrolytes
  • Non-ionic polyelectrolytes
  • Softening resins
  • Anion & Cation resins