Solvent & Eluent Chemicals


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Solvents and solvent chemicals are important chemical components widely used in many industrial applications. Solvents are chemicals, usually in liquid form, that can dissolve other substances. Solvents are chemicals that have the ability to dissolve another substance, especially in a substance.

Such chemicals are used in a range of industrial processes, from the paint and coating industry to cleaning products, pharmaceuticals and electronics manufacturing. Solvents can fulfill a number of functions, such as changing the properties of a substance, increasing the rate of reaction or increasing solubility. However, with the use of these chemicals, it is important to consider safety and environmental factors.

Therefore, industry professionals are careful in their selection of solvents and solubilizers, assessing compliance with safety standards and principles of environmental sustainability.

Solvent & Eluent Chemicals

  • System cleaning with hydrocarbon base solvents
  • Eluent solvents for mechanical maintenance groups
  • Eluent solvents for electric & electronical maintenance groups