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Water Conditioning

Pre-Water Treatment Chemicals

1- Coagulants

2- Antiscalants

-Feed water containing high silica
-Feed water containing high carbonate and sulphate
-Feed water containing high iron
-Products containing / not containing phosphate
-Products with wide spectrum
-Products with FDA & NSF certified

3- Membran washing chemicals

-Alkali washing chemical
-Acidic washing chemical
-Biological washing chemical

4- Polyelectrolytes

-Anionic polyelectrolytes
-Cationic polyelectrolytes
-Non-ionic polyelectrolytes

5- Ion exchange resins

-Softening resins
-Anion & Cation resins

6- Sand filter conditioners

7- Sand filter cleaning chemical

Pre-Water Treatment Project & Design

Membrane Systems

-Reverse Osmosis
-Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration systems

Filtration Systems

-Cartridge filter, bag filter, mechanic filter
-Sand filter units
-Active carbon units

Softening and Ion Exchange Resin Systems

-Softening units
-Mixbed units
-Cold degausser systems

Water recycle projects

Wastewater Treatment Project & Design

-Turnkey project & design
-Current facility revision
-Wastewater recycle projects
-New technology mud disposal solutions

Genel Endüstri

System and Equipment Cleaning Chemical

-Limescale and rust cleaner chemicals
-Metal antioxidant chemicals
-Organic materials, oil, mud & grease remover chemicals
-Passivation chemical
-Acid base chemicals with inhibitors

Metal Surface Process Chemical

-Surface cleaning solutions
-Acid inhibitors
-Passivation chemicals (Cr+3, +6, Free)
-Protective oils
-Metal cut & process liquids
-Bor oils
-Phosphating chemicals
-Paint remover products
-Paint coagulation products

Process Chemicals

Chemical Dosing and Automation Systems

-Dosage pumps
-Mixer systems
-Ph & bluff automation systems
-Polymer opening units

Solvent ve Çözücü Kimyasallar

Solvent Base Industrial Cleaners

-System cleaning with hydrocarbon base solvents
-Eluent solvents for mechanical maintenance groups
-Eluent solvents for electric & electronical maintenance groups

Lubricators and Antirust

Equipment and Car Cleaners

Cleaners used in the fields of Aviation, Naval and Railway