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About Us

About Us

TeknoChem chemical incorporation was founded in 2011 by completely domestic capital and it is the biggest company in its field of its region. TeknoChem is a solution partner with many national and international companies and by virtue of its expert staff and its former business management experience, aims to provide world class professional and sustainable service to its customers.

Technical support is a must-have priority for TeknoChem and it makes, standing by its business partners 7-24, a rule and it aims to be the first one in the new technologies of the fields it operates in.

TeknoChem; by developing consistently together with its staff, customers and suppliers, is aware of its social responsibilities towards society, it is a searcher, developer and places emphasis on people-oriented investments, and a company aims for excellence by its high quality and technology.

To be a model in chemical industry, to embrace a customer-oriented management system, to improve itself consistently in the fields of investment and technology, to represent our country deservedly by always aiming for the top point in international markets with its product diversity and engineering.

To be customer / solution-oriented
To be responsible and be reputable
To be result-oriented
To be dynamic
To be trustworthy
To be a model in the subjects about environment, health and security
To be innovative

Sustainability Approach

  1. Thanks to technology, information sharing, in-place service and technical trainings, while helping them to obtain the extraordinary business results of the companies all over the world, we minimize the environmental and social effects.
  2. Thanks to our expertise, companies gain the most efficient results with the lowest total cost. We work to decrease our water consumption, carbon emissions and waste flow at present and in the future.
  3. We focus on to find new solutions to help the decrease of waste by ensuring water and energy savings in every company.
  4. We minimize the stock cost of our customers with delivery on time and frequent stock controls.
  5. With consistent R & D projects, we produce specific solutions for our customer’s problems.
  6. We provide non-stop technical support to our customers by directing our technical staff on consistent communication.
  1. The Quality Certificates of the products we use: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, TS 16949, Kosher, Halal and more.
  2. Our products support all REACH goals precisely. That is why we encourage: the handling of the chemicals responsibly, safe production of our products, dispatching them safely in the supply chain and use of them safely by our customers.
  1. We ensure the working of our employees in high motivation by providing them inspiring and commitment-leading working environment.
  2. We keep the awareness of customer satisfaction alive by keeping the awareness of the employees with consistent trainings.
  3. Success of our team originates from the happiness of our employees; to increase the skills of our personnel and the awareness on quality, environment, occupational health and safety by educational activities, and to work for consistent development are our philosophy.
  1. We provide added values which support the production by awareness projects about the importance of environment-friendly products, consistent trainings and water use.
  2. With our waste water engineering group, Atech Arıtım ve Laboratuvar Inc., we adjust waste water used in facilities to proper limits and by using it as make-up water, in garden-watering and as process water in cooling towers, we minimize waste discharge.
  3. In any case possible, we are determined to implement environment-friendly concepts which will ensure the conservation of natural resources